Our Mission

"Our Mission is to Glorify God, Make Disciples of Jesus Christ, and Meet Human Need"

We will accomplish our mission by  Reaching people for Christ, Growing them in the faith, and Sending  them to serve God. In order to do this we commit ourselves to  practicing the following six discipleship habits: 

The Six Discipleship Habits


Witness (Reaching)

As Christians we believe that God calls us to share our faith with people in both word and deed. It is important to be able to give witness to our faith in a way that is winsome, articulate, and natural. If we can't, then "How are they to believe in him in whom they have not heard?" Romans 11:14   

Prayer (Reaching)


As Christians we believe that prayer needs to be at the heart of all we do. As it pertains to our  goal of reaching people for Christ we always want to be in prayer  about who God would want us to share our faith with. We will ask the Lord to put certain people on our hearts and then we will begin  to pray for opportunities to share our faith with them. 

Care (Growing)

 As Christians we believe that it is  important to be with people in their time of need. Just as our Lord   was filled with compassion for people who were broken and hurting so  too are we to be as well. It is important for us  to meet  people's needs in their times of difficulty. The key to care is  showing up. 

Word (Growing)

As Christians we believe that  studying God's  Word is essential to growing in the Christian faith.  The Bible teaches us all we need to know about God and how to live a  life that is pleasing to him; therefore we commit ourselves to  regular engagement in the Word of God through our worship, small group  Bible Studies, and our personal devotions.   

With Me (Growing)

  As Christians we believe that it is important to invite other people into our lives. Our God came to be   "with-us" in Jesus Christ. Likewise, Jesus invited twelve men to be  "with-him" in his life and he forever changed the world. Our God is a "with-me" God and we are called to be his "with-me" people. We make  it our aim to invite people to be with us in our work, play,  families, and in our ministries. How else can people be loved and   come to love God unless we invite them to be in our lives? We are  God's instruments for imparting his mercy and grace.    

Send (Sending)

 As  Christians we believe that God  has a mission for each of  our individual lives and it requires that  we be sent into  the world to minister in the name of Jesus Christ. As a  church it is our responsibility to equip believers in their   faith by helping them to identify their gifts and talents  for  ministry, for the purpose of putting them them to use  in the church   and in the world. Just as Jesus equipped and  sent out his disciples   to minister the love of God to the  world so too do we.