How We are Organized

Christ gives to His Church its faith and life,  its unity and mission, its officers and ordinances.

We are governed locally by an elected session of elders, moderated by the minister. The session meets monthly to serve the church in receiving new members and determining the mission outreach of the church.


Class of 2017

  • Billy Griffith 
  • Gary Hild 
  • Mary Rutland

Class of 2018

  • Betsey Adams  
  • Luke Daniels 
  • Beth Wheeler Dean

Class of 2019

  • Donna Hopkins 
  • Susan Knowles  
  • Lee Matthews

  • Rev. Mark Knowles, Moderator 
  • Lee Matthews, Clerk of Session


  • Jim Yarbro
  • Stephen Henderson
  • Gary Gore

Susan Jarmon, TREASURER

Karen Selvage, SECRETARY

Committees of the Session

Church Property
(Billy Griffith, Greg Ledford)

Commitment & Stewardship (Franklin Bevel & Sarah Martin)

Strengthening of the Church (Anna Brock,, Gary Hild)

Witness and Worship (Amanda East & Mary Rutland)

Personnel/Pastoral Relations (Louise Sewell, Franklin Bevel, Anna Brock)